Visiting Scientists and Associated Researchers

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Name Position Phone
Ali Ebrahimifard Guest PhD student, Medical Physics
Anders Stevnhoved Olsen PhD student, Biomedical Engineering 3545 6736
Dan Peters PhD, Medicinal chemist
Elisa Bouet-Garcia Intern, Neuroscience
Fiona Ballorin Intern, Neuroscience
Giske Opheim Post Doc, Neuroimaging 3545 6708
Hector Lorenzo Mebenga Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Ida Vang Andersen PhD student, Pharmacy
Isabel Noachtar Guest PhD student, Psychology
Kat Fenris Kiilerich Research Assistant, Biochemistry
Markus Hjorth MD
Martin Schain Post Doc, Engineer
Nicolaj Daugaard PhD student, Psychology
Philip Fink-Jensen MD
Robin de Nijs PhD, Medical physicist