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Sofi da Cunha-Bang
Post Doc
Dept. Neurology and Neurobiology Research Unit,
Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet,
Building 8057,
Blegdamsvej 9, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Curriculum vitae

Scientific interests:

I am a medical doctor currently working part-time in clinical psychiatry and part-time as a researcher at the Neurobiology Research Unit. My scientific field of interest include biological mechanisms giving rise to to neuropsychiatric disease. In my PhD I investigated neural mechanisms involved in aggressive and violent behaviors.


2017 - Part-time specialist training in Psychiatry at Psychiatric Center North Zealand and part-time post doc at the Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet
2012 - 2016 PhD student, Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet - Thesis: "Multimodal Neuroimaging of Aggression in Violent Offenders"
2011 - 2012 Research assistant, Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet
2010 - 2011 First year of specialist training in neurology, Department of Neurology, Hillerød Hospital
2008 - 2009 Basic clinical medical training, Department of Surgery and General Practice Hillerød Hospital
2002 - 2008 Medical Graduate, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences
2000 - 2001 International Business Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


A full list of my scientific publications can be accessed using the following PubMed link.

Selected papers:
  • da Cunha-Bang S, Fisher PM, Hjordt LV, Holst KK, Knudsen GM. Amygdala reactivity to fearful faces correlates positively with impulsive aggression. Soc Neurosci. 2018 Jan 7:1-11
  • da Cunha-Bang S, Fisher PM, Perfalk E, Hjordt LV, Holst KK, Beliveau V, Knudsen GM. Men with high serotonin 1B receptor levels respond to provocation with heightened amygdala reactivity. Neuroimage. 2018 Feb 1;66:79-85
  • da Cunha-Bang S*, Hjordt LV*, Dam VH, Stenbæk DS, Sestoft D, Knudsen GM. Anterior cingulate 5-HT1B receptor binding is associated with emotional response inhibition. J Psychiatr Res. 2017 Sep;92:199-204.*Contributed equally to the work
  • da Cunha-Bang S, Fisher PM, Perfalk E, Skibsted AP, Hjordt LV, Bock C, Baandrup AO, Deen M, Thomsen C, Sestoft D, Knudsen GM. Violent offenders respond to provocations with high amygdala and striatal reactivity. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci, 2017 May 1;12(5):802-810
  • da Cunha-Bang S, Hjordt LV, Perfalk E, Beliveau V, Bock C, Lehel S, Thomsen C, Sestoft D, Svarer C, Knudsen GM. Serotonin 1B receptor binding is associated with trait anger and level of psychopathy in violent offenders. Biol Psychiatry, 2017 Aug 15;82(4):267-274.