Melanie Ganz in the BIDS Steering Group

We congratulate assistant professor Melanie Ganz for being elected as member of the BIDS Steering Group.
Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen
The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) is a standard specifying the description of neuroimaging data in a filesystem hierarchy and of the metadata associated with the imaging data. Membership on the BIDS Steering Group is through elections by BIDS Contributors, and BIDS Steering Group terms are 3 years.

The goal of BIDS is to make neuroimaging data more accessible, shareable, and usable by researchers. To achieve this goal, BIDS seeks to develop a simple and intuitive way to organize and describe neuroimaging and associated data. BIDS has three foundational principles:

  1. To minimize complexity and facilitate adoption, reuse existing methods and technologies whenever possible.
  2. Tackle 80% of the most commonly used neuroimaging data, derivatives, and models (inspired by the pareto principle).
  3. Adoption by the global neuroimaging community and their input during the creation of the specification is critical for the success of the project.