Congratulations to NRU associate professor Louise Møller Jørgensen who has received from the Novo Nordisk Foundation a Proof of Concept Programme grant worth 952.000 DKK for the project entitled 'Neuroceutical therapy: the fMRI compatible electrical stimulator'.
Louise Møller Jørgensen

Lay project description:
Electroceutical therapy, e.g., neurostimulators and pacemakers, is a rapidly expanding therapeutic option used in a wide range of medical disorders. It is still unknown how it works in the body, but feedback from fMRI would contribute to this understanding and provide the clinician with a tool to improve therapy and save hospital visits for tedious adjustments of the device.

Until now, fMRI with electric stimulation has been inaccessible due to safety reasons and signal disruption in the MRI scanner room. We have solved these problems with our patented device and successfully conducted studies in pigs with fMRI and deep brain stimulation.

We here propose to increase market value by a better prototype, which make use of a novel technology that adds prominent features and can be used in humans.

The project is housed in an interdisciplinary research environment with excellent collaboration with researchers from leading research institutions in Denmark and USA.