The Clinical Academic Group (CAG) of Brain and Technology has just been selected by the Capital Region of Denmark for a 2-year grant worth 2.3 millon DKK. The CAG Brain and Technology is led by Professor Troels Wesenberg Kjær and holds Louise Møller Jørgensen from NRU as 1 of 21 members representing DTU, UCPH and hospital departments in Region Hovedstaden and Region Sjælland.

The CAG Brain and Technology aims to improve diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of patients suffering from neurological disorders using digital technologies close to the patient (eDevices), BIG DATA and artificial intelligence (AI). The CAG Brain and Technology focuses on improving, understanding and combining sensory, motor, cognitive, social and ethical aspects of the interplay between brain and technology, such as e.g. wearable solutions, apps and processing of large quantities of data.

Louise will contribute to WP2 in studies related to the fMRI compatible electrical stimulator invented at NRU.