Welcome to the many new NRUs:

Student assistants: Helga Appel (Medicine), Stine Olsen (Psychology)
Student assistants, EEG: Holger Lyng and Julius Søgaard (both Medicine & Technology)

New scholarstipend students are: Kirstine Andersen (Medicine), Paw Randrup (Psychology), Victor Neufeld (Medicine)

Volunteer Peter Skov-Andersen (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

  Helga                                                      Kirstine                                                  Paw

    Peter                                                     Stine                                                      Victor

Also a warm welcome to our visiting researchers and guest students:

Postdoctoral Researcher Friederike Holze.
She received her MSc in Pharmacy in 2016 and her PhD in Clinical Research in 2021 from the University of Basel. She conducted her PhD in the Psychopharmacology research lab of Prof. Matthias E. Liechti at the University Hospital Basel.

Her research interests lie in the pharmacology of psychoactive substances, in particular psychedelics. She conducted several Phase I studies investigating the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of LSD and established a dose-effect relationship in doses from 5-200 µg. She described the distinct acute pharmacological effects of LSD, MDMA and d-amphetamine and compared the characteristics of oral LSD and psilocybin administration in healthy participants. In this function, she has accompanied over 200 psychedelic experiences.

From 2017 to 2021, Dr. Peter Gasser and a team of therapists conducted a phase II trial in collaboration with Prof. M. Liechti’s research group at the University Hospital of Basel where Dr. Holze was responsible for regulatory and academic aspects of the study. The study investigated LSD-assisted therapy in patients suffering from anxiety symptoms in severe somatic diseases or in psychiatric anxiety disorders. The team used a double-blind, randomised, 2-period, cross-over design in 40 patients employing well-validated and internationally established questionnaires and tools. This is currently the largest study investigating LSD as therapy in recent times, and it is an outstanding example of successful research collaboration between university know-how and private practice hands-on psychiatric research.

Neuroscience Academy Denmark PhD Fellow Alberte Breum. She will do a 10-week lab rotation at NRU.

Erasmus student Aitana Martínez Velasco (Neuroscience).

Intern and master's student David Reydellet (Biomedical Sciences) who will join NRU for 6 months.

   Aitana                                                  Alberte                                                   

    David                                                   Friederike