We are very happy to announce that NRU senior researcher Lars Pinborg as of September 1st has been appointed clinical professor in neurology with special focus on epilepsy at University of Copenhagen.

As NRU senior researcher and chair of the Danish epilepsy surgery programme Lars has for many years conducted research within epilepsy and advanced imaging. His scientific focus area includes clinical epileptology, molecular and structural neuroimaging, drug resistance in epilepsy, and epilepsy surgery. So far his publication list includes >100 peer-reviewed articles, and on top of that he is also a very active lecturer, teacher and research advisor. Furthermore, Lars is deeply involved in our BrainDrugs research alliance where he is work package leader for WP4-Epilepsy and member of the Executive Board.

We look forward to following Lars' many exciting new research projects that aim to improve the treatment of people with epilepsy.

Danish portrait of Lars published on Righospitalet's webpage is available here: https://www.rigshospitalet.dk/presse-og-nyt/nyheder/nyheder/Sider/2023/september/ny-professor-epilepsi-er-meget-mere-end-anfald.aspx