Aging is associated with a wide range of molecular and structural changes throughout an individual's lifespan, resulting in the deterioration of physical abilities and increased risk of disease [1]–[3]. In the brain, aging results in cognitive decline [4] and predisposes to neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease [5]. Therefore, developing biomarkers capable of robustly capturing age-related biological changes is necessary to understand the pathophysiology of various disorders and potentially assess the effects of interventions that target aging [2], [6].

At NRU, we aim to:

  • Validate existing biomarkers of brain aging on large datasets, focusing on test-retest reliability and construct validity. Both are important and need to be established before application in clinical trials
  • Develop new biomarkers of aging using machine learning and neuroimaging. Mainly, we are interested in whether brain imaging using positron emission tomography yields important information regarding aging.

Involved persons:

Ruben Dörfel, Jonas Svensson, and Pontus Plavén-Sigray.


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