Contact person: Cyril Pernet

In the past two decades, we have seen an exponential growth in the scale at which neuroimaging research in psychiatry and neurology takes place in terms of sample size, technology advancements and number of disorders investigated. Yet, many research findings turn out to be hard to replicate, partly because of inconsistencies in data acquisition, preprocessing and analysis. One of our major research themes within NRU is to understand these sources of discrepancies and in a recent consensus paper, we lead an initiative that aims to standardize the way PET neuroimaging data are acquired, documented, analysed, and archived. Such an initiative will also help to establish data sharing of these costly experiments, enabling replications and increasing sample sizes.

Achieving this requires having appropriate research infrastructure and fortunately, The Novo Nordisk Foundation decided in 2020 to fund our ”OpenNeuroPET Archive” which is an infrastructure that will unite the scientific community to enable meta- and mega-analyses of brain imaging data by creating an expertly labelled, shared-access data repository and processing platform. The main ethos of the OpenNeuroPET will be: open, inclusive, participatory, and democratic.

Read more at: https://openneuropet.github.io/index.html.