Contact person: Vibeke Dam

In the cognitive neuropsychology group at NRU, we use cognitive and psychometric data to investigate the relationship between brain function and human behaviour. Our aim is to identify psychological and cognitive characteristics that can help elucidate disease mechanisms in neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression, OCD, ADHD and epilepsy, and ultimately help improve patient treatment. We also investigate how cognitive performance relates to structural, functional and molecular features in the healthy brain, and how pharmacological interventions (e.g., oxytocin or SSRIs) and non-pharmacological exposures (e.g., sleep deprivation or psychotherapy) alters cognitive functioning.

We are highly specialized in neuropsychological testing and cover a wide range of cognitive domains including ‘cold’ emotion-independent functions such as general intelligence, executive functions, memory, processing speed, reaction time as well as ‘hot’ emotion-dependent functions such as reward-motivated decision-making, emotion recognition and complex social cognition. To complement our cognitive test data, we use questionnaire and interview data to create psychological profiles of mental health, psychosocial history, personality traits and attitudes and beliefs. Alongside cognitive testing and psychological assessments in ongoing studies at NRU, our group also routinely develops and validates new cognitive tasks and questionnaires.

The cognitive neuropsychology group consists of pre-graduate psychology and medical students as well as PhD students and post doctotal researchers. We have strong international collaborations, such as the Cambridge Cognition Group, and work with leading researchers in the field of cognitive neuroscience including Professors Barbara Sahakian and Trevor Robbins from Cambridge University, Professor Susannah Murphy from Oxford University, Professor Rebecca Elliott from Manchester University and Professors Marcus Munafo from Bristol University.

Examples of recent publications:

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