Lundbeck A/S and Neurobiology Research Unit will collaborate in order to identify and validate cross-species biomarkers of inflammation in the human brain

Researchers at Lundbeck and NRU will work together to identify and validate new biomarkers of inflammation in the brain in a cross-species translational collaboration.  Neuroinflammation is a pathological condition that is linked to a number of neurological and psychiatric diseases. However, the mechanisms behind neuroinflammation are poorly understood, and there are limited options to determine and prevent it.

Scientists at Lundbeck have identified a number of tools that can be used to define glia activity in the brain as a biomarker of neuroinflammation. The NRU scientists will use these tools to determine levels of neuroinflammation across species and in brain tissue from epilepsy patients, as well as tissue from chronic animal models. This research project will be important in identifying new drug candidates and evaluating their potential in treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Contact person for the project at NRU is Professor Jens H. Mikkelsen.