Welcome to the new NRU members:

Post Doc Jonas Svensson, Specialist in Psychiatry. He will be working on the following projects "Precision psychiatry and a new model for serotonin in depression: PET studies of synaptic density and the serotonin transporter" and "The search for an aging biomarker: in vivo quantification of age-related proteins using Positron Emission Tomography in humans".

Research Assistants Clara Madsen (Molecular Biomedicine) and Emily Beaman (Human Biology).

Sif Kaad (Medical & Molecular Biology) is new student helper in the experimental lab.

Scholarstipend student and master's student Emil Colliander (Medicine).

      Clara                                                  Emil                                                     Emily                                    

                                         Jonas                                          Sif

Also a warm welcome to Mengfei Xiong, visiting PhD student from Uppsala University, Rudbeck laboratory.