We are delighted to announce that Vibe G. Frøkjær has been appointed as clinical professor in neuropsychiatry at the University of Copenhagen as of Dec 1st, 2023. Vibe will have two half-time employments at NRU and the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, respectively.

On Monday Dec 18th at 14:00-17:00 in Store Auditorium, Entrance 10 A/B, Gentofte Hospital, Vibe will have her inaguration lecture and this will be followed by a reception hosted by the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Mental Health Services, Capital Region of Denmark. Invitation available here.

For many years, Vibe has conducted brain research at NRU. This particularly includes uncovering how particular biomarkers in the brain can explain why some people are more at risk - or particularly resistant - to developing mental disorders. Part of Vibe's research concerns how the brain integrates hormonal information (stress and sex hormones) and what this means for the risk of developing depression and the possibilities for prevention and treatment. In her work, Vibe incorporates imaging studies of the brain's structure, network organization, chemistry and function, and pharmacological risk models and naturally existing models, such as, e.g., hormonal fluctuations in connection with childbirth. Vibe also conducts clinical trials in order to translate basic knowledge into better prevention and treatment of brain diseases with psychological manifestations, such as cognitive disturbances or depression.

A portrait of Vibe published through the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen is available here.