Travel grant to NRU from the Lundbeck Foundation

Congratulations to Olaf Paulson for receiving a travel stipend of 50,000 DKK from the Lundbeck Foundation for the project "Automatic detection of structural changes in epilepsy patients". The grant covers a one-week research stay of 4 people from NRU at Bruce Fischl's lab at Mass. General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

NRU X-mas symposium Dec 8

The NRU Christmas symposium will take place on Friday, December 8th, in the auditorium at the Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet, entrance 2, 8th floor. The program is available here.

Scholarstipend from FSS

Congratulations to Vibe Frøkjær for receiving an FSS scholarstipend of 103.100 DKK for Søren Vinther Larsen for the project "Inflammation in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder; does serotonin play a role?.

Introduction stipend to Vibeke Dam

Congratulations to Vibeke Dam who has been granted one year introduction stipend from the Research Council at Rigshospitalet for the project 'Affective and social cognition as neurocognitive predictors of antidepressant treatment response'.

This 1-year project takes advantage of data from a large longitudinal study investigating potential neurocognitive and neurobiological predictors of response to standard antidepressant treatment in MDD. The proposed project has two parts:
Part 1. Aim: To validate and implement the novel EMOTICOM test battery as a research and clinical assessment tool for affective and social cognition.
Part 2. Aim: To determine baseline differences in affective and social cognition outcomes assessed with the EMOTICOM between MDD patients and healthy individuals.

Sapere Aude Starting grant to Vibe Frøkjær

We are very happy to announce that Vibe Gedsø Frøkjær has been awarded a prestigious Sapere Aude Starting Grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (IFRD) for her 4-year project "Window of opportunity for protecting mental health during perinatal hormonal transition".

Vibe's Sapere Aude grant is worth 4.225.921 DKK and it enables her to gather her own small research team at NRU, consisting of at least a medical PhD-student and a data analyst, which will be supported by a group of technical staff members and will collaborate closely with Prof. Anja Pinborg from Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Hvidovre Hospital and Managing Director Elizabeth Binder from Department of Translational Research in Psychiatry at Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany.

We congratulate Vibe with the highly prestigious grant and look very much forward to hosting her project here at NRU!

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NRU Staff News November 2017

Welcome back to Sofi who will work part time at NRU for the rest of 2017.

Also welcome to:

Simone Pleinert, stud.psych. She will be working on the EMOTICOM project.

Mathilde Hansen, medical student and volunteer (NP1).

Miran Dinarzehi, stud.pharm. and master student in the experimental lab.

Prof. Jens D. Mikkelsen re-appointed as IRFD council member

Congratulations to NRU senior researcher prof. Jens Damsgaard Mikkelsen who has been re-appointed as Council member of the Independent Research Fund Denmark | Medical sciences (FSS) for another two-year term (2018-2019).

Independent Research Fund Denmark | Medical Sciences supports specific research activities based on the initiatives of researchers, and gives scientific advice within the scientific areas of the Council. The Council covers all aspects of both basic scientific-, clinical- and socio-medical research in relation to human health and disease, and the Council allocates research grants to researchers working within these areas. Furthermore, the Council provides scientific advice in relation to health-scientific issues. Advice is given according to request or on the Council's own initiative.

Gitte Moos Knudsen is the new chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Human Brain Project

Gitte Moos Knudsen has been appointed as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the European Flagship Programme The Human Brain Project (HBP). The HBP is funded by the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) under the Horizon 2020 framework, an EU Research and Innovation funding programme.

The HBP's total costs are estimated at EUR 1.019 billion, of which EUR 500 million will be provided by the European Commission, EUR 500 million by national, public and private organisations, and EUR 19 million by the Core Project Ramp-Up Phase Partners.

Travel grants from the Lundbeck Foundation to NRU

Congratulations to Agnete Overgaard for receiving 10,550 DKK to support her participation at the 47th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology in Zürich, Vincent Beliveau 11,700 DKK for the MICCAI meeting in Quebec, Louise Møller Jørgensen 28,937 DKK for project collaboration meetings in Boston and finally, Gitte Moos Knudsen 50,000 DKK for the NRU retreat in Oslo.