Marie Curie grant to NRU

We are happy to announce that Gitte Moos has been granted a two-year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF-2016) for post doc Brice Ozenne and the proposal "NEUROMODEL - Statistical Modelling for relating multimodal neuroimaging to clinical outcomes in order to predict patient response to depression therapy".

The EU grant is worth 200.194 EUR and it enables Brice, who for the last 15 months has been working in a 50/50 post doc position shared by NRU and Section of Biostatistics on KU, to be fully employed at NRU for the next 24 months. We are looking forward to hosting Brice's project here at NRU!

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Two new grants for NRU research

Congratulations to Lars Pinborg for being granted DKK 103.100 from FSS for a scholarstipend for Sebastian Ebert and his project 'Neuroinflammations betydning ved commotio cerebri og post-commotionelt syndrom', and to Gitte Moos Knudsen for receiving DKK 100.000 from Ester M og Konrad Kristian Sigurdssons Dyreværnsfond for the NeuroPharm project 'Neurobiologiske effekter af serotonin 2A receptor modulering – en ny måde at vurdere lægemidler vha. moderne hjernescanningsmetoder'.

New funding for NRU

Congratulations to Mette Thrane Foged for receiving DKK 32.000 from Lennart Grams Mindefond for her project 'Pre-surgical identification of epileptic foci measured with EEG and HD EEG' and to Vincent Beliveau who has received DKK 15.000 from the University of Copenhagen for his six weeks stay at Stephen Strother's laboratory at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto.

The Lundbeck Foundation supports NRU research

Prof. Jens Damsgaard Mikkelsen has received 435,000 DKK from The Lundbeck Foundation for the project "ASEM as a novel high-affinity radioligand for imaging alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: Applicability for imaging with in vitro autoradiography and positron emission tomography (PET)".

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Poster award to NRU researcher

Congratulations to PhD student Mette Thrane Foged from NRU for recently winning a poster award at the "12th European Congress on Epileptology" which was held on September 11th-15th in Prague, Czech Republic.

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NRU's 20 years anniversary

On Friday September 23rd, NRU will be celebrating 20 years anniversary as independent research unit. The celebration will start at 2pm in Auditorium 2 at Rigshospitalet where there will be a 3-hour symposium with talks (in Danish) by current and previous NRU employees. The program for the symposium can be found below.

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NRU annual report 2015

The 2015 NRU annual report has been published and is available for download here.