Visiting NRU as an ECNP research intern

In the period Aug 21st to Sep 1st, NRU had the pleasure to host Spyridon Siafis from the Laboratory of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece in an ECNP Research Internship. After his stay, Dr. Siafis has provided a very positive feedback which can be read in the attached short report to ECNP.

PhD defence Sep 15, 2017 at 2 pm - Per Jensen

Per Jensen will defend his thesis 'Translocator protein imaging with 123I-Clinde SPECT - Method development and clinical research' on September 15, 2017 at 2 pm, Auditorium 93, Rigshospitalet. The Neuroscience Center will host a reception at NRU after the defence. All are welcome.
See the invitation for further information and thesis summary.

Sebastian Holst receives grant from Toyota-Fonden

Congratulations to Sebastian Holst for receiving DKK 200,000 from Toyota-Fonden to cover expenses for an Opto-Acoustic MR compatible noise canceling system that will enable sleep in the MR environment.

One more travel stipend for NRU - Martin Nørgaard

Congratulations to Martin Nørgaard for receiving 50,000 DKK from the Lundbeck Foundation for his 'PhD stay abroad' at the Martinos Center in Boston.

Travel stipends for NRU

Congratulations to Melanie Ganz for receiving travel stipends from the Lundbeck Foundation for her participation at both the PRNI workshop in Toronto in June as well as the Neurohackweek in Seattle in September. Furthermore, she received travel support from Rigshospitalets Jubilæumsfond for the PRNI workshop. Claus Svarer and Martin Nørgaard did also receive travel support from Rigshospitalets Jubilæumsfond, Claus for the recent BrainPET meeting in Berlin and Martin for the OHMB 2017 meeting taking place in Vancouver late June.

Mikael Palner receives Weimann stipend

Congratulations to NRU junior group leader Mikael Palner who has received 2 years full stipend from the Weimann Foundation for the project "Please Focus! – Dopamine in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder".

The stipend is the so-called "Købmand i Odense Johann og Hanne Weimann født Seedorffs Legat". An abstract from Mikael's project is given below.

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NRU moves to the new North Wing in 2019

NRU, including laboratories, will jointly move to the North Wing Phase II in brand-new facilities. This means that the research unit can be housed together again which will be a great benefit. The move is anticipated to take place Spring 2019, once the construction has been completed.

New MR-scanner for NRU

NRU has received 10 mio DKK from the KFJ Foundation to acquire a brain-dedicated research MR-scanner to be placed in the new North Wing. We are very grateful for their generous gift and look forward to start to use it.

More funding for NRU

Congratulations to Vibe Frøkjær for receiving DKK 300.000 from Desirée & Niels Ydes Fond for the project 'Neuroendocrine mechanisms in perinatal depression; the role of sex steroids and serotonin brain dynamics' and to Vibe Frøkjær/Gitte Moos for receiving a scholarship grant from the Danish Society for Psychiatry for Daniel Burmester (DKK 80.000) to perform the project 'Human brain serotonin 2A receptor levels and mood states'.

Scholarship grant from FSS to NRU

Gitte Moos and Sebastian Holst have received a scholarship grant (103.000) from FSS for the project: 'Effects of sleep deprivation and adrenergic inhibition on glymphatic flow in humans'.

Short project summary:
Roughly a third of our life is spent asleep, yet the function(s) of sleep remain poorly understood. Recently, a novel molecular role for sleep was described in rodents. The ‘glymphatic system’ is a sleep dependent macroscopic pathway in the brain, which facilitates clearance of interstitial waste products. So far, the glymphatic system has only been described in rodents. Here, effects of the human glymphatic system will be investigated in two ways. First, we will apply the novel
MR protocol MREG (ultra-fast magnetic resonance encephalography) in both awake and sleeping subjects to show the existence of human glymphatic flow. Secondly, we will interfere with glymphatic flow by administering the adrenergic antagonist carvedilol in a placebo controlled, crossover manner immediately before MREG imaging. Thereby we will test the effects of enhanced glymphatic activity on sleep and wakefulness. Together the study will provide the first evidence for a sleep dependent human glymphatic system.