Scholarstipend grant from IRFD for the UFMR project

Congratulations to Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen for receiving a scholarstipend grant (103.100 DKK) from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for Kristoffer Brendstrup-Brix and the project 'Neuroimaging of brain pulsations and their impact on brain disease'.

The scholarstipend project is an integral part of the ongoing project 'Non-invasive Magnetic Resonance diagnostics of hydrocephalus or increased intracranial pressure (UFMR-project)'.

Friederike Holze received mobility postdoc grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation

Congratulations to Friederike Holze from University Hospital Basel and University of Basel for being granted a 2-year mobility postdoc grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to go to NRU to conduct the project entitled 'Concentration-effect relationship of agonistic and antagonistic serotonin 2A receptor occupancy using LSD and ketanserin'. We are looking very much forward to welcoming Friederike in her postdoc position at NRU from January 2023.

PhD defence by Camilla B. Larsen, MD, June 16

Camilla B. Larsen, MD, will defend her PhD thesis (title: Structural and functional brain signatures of sex hormone transitions and implications for perinatal mental health) on Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 2 pm.
Venue: Auditorium, Entrance 61A, Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, Henrik Harpestrengs Vej.
Link for virtual participation:
For more details, click here.

Louise Møller Jørgensen receives BETA.HEALTH grant

Associate professor Louise Møller Jørgensen, specialist in neurosurgery, has received DKK 500.000 from BETA.HEALTH®, which is a brand new innovation platform sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with intent to accelerate new solutions for healthcare innovations.

Louise and her team will use the grant and platform to advance the business developments and regulatory activities required to put the fMRI compatible electrical stimulator on the market. The patented medical device was developed for combined use of electrical stimulation with functional MRI (fMRI), and is owned by The Capital Region (Rigshospitalet/NRU), Region Zealand (Roskilde) and University of Copenhagen.

Welcome to Isabel

A warm welcome to visiting PhD student Isabel Noachtar (Psychology) from the University of Salzburg. She will be doing a secondment at NRU until mid-August.

Currently, Isabel is working on two projects: The first is a clinical trial where she test participants in the MRI before and during pill intake. The second project is a behavioral study where participants perform a navigation task, a mental rotation task as well as a verbal fluency task once during their OC intake phase and once during the pill pause. For the second study, they recruit women with current OC use as well as naturally cycling women. In an intraindividual design, she would like to investigate the effects of synthetic hormones of the pill in OC users as well as the effects of endogenous sex hormones in women with a natural cycle.

Drummond McCulloch awarded 1st place in the FYF Annual Poster and Presentation competition

Congratulations to Drummond McCulloch who was awarded with the 1st place in the "Foreningen af Yngre Forskere" Annual Poster and Presentation competition May 5th, 2022.

Drummond presented, first in a poster and subsequently in an oral presentation, new findings concerning the relation between psilocybin-induced mystical-type experiences and persisting positive effects in healthy volunteers. Among ten finalists, he was picked as the winner and was awarded with both a certificate, a bunch of flowers and a 15.000 DKK personal cash prize.

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