Associate Professor appointment: Patrick Fisher

Congratulations to NRU Senior Researcher Patrick Fisher who as of November 1st 2022 is appointed Associate Professor (part-time) for a 5-year period at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen.

NRU Christmas Symposium 2022

NRU's Christmas Symposium takes place on Friday, December 2, in Auditorium 2, Rigshospitalet - Blegdamsvej, entrance 44.

For programme, click here

Two scholarstipend grants from DSfN

Congratulations to Louise Møller Jørgensen for receiving 140.000 DKK as a scholarstipend grant from Danish Society for Neuroscience for Emilie Mauritzon and the project "Cognitive flexibility in responders and non-responders from lumbar fusion surgery to treat chronic low back pain" and to Patrick Fisher for receiving 70.000 DKK as a scholarstipend grant also from Danish Society for Neuroscience for Victor Neufeld and the project "Establishing the dose-occupancy relation of LSD at the serotonin 2A receptor in the living human brain".

Travel support from Jubilæumsfonden

Congratulations to Gerda Thomsen, Silvia Bruzzone and Søren V Larsen for receiving travel support from Rigshospitalet's Jubilæumsfond, Gerda for her participation at EANM in Barcelona and Søren and Silvia for ECNP in Vienna.

NAD PhD Fellowship for Clara Madsen

Congratulations to Clara Madsen who has been granted a 4 year PhD fellowship from Neuroscience Academy Denmark: First year as Research Assistant with 10-weeks lab rotation in Denmark (three labs) followed by 3 years as PhD student. Information about the NAD PhD fellowships can be found here.

Patrick Fisher quoted in recent Nature Outlook article

Nature Outlook has published Psychedelic Medicine, a collection of popular science articles about the advances and challenges of psychedelic research and clinical applications. One article, Your brain on psychedelics, includes NRU Senior Researcher Patrick Fisher's perspective on what we know and do not know about psychedelic effects on the brain.
The article collection can be found here:
The article including Patrick Fisher can be found here:

Staff News September 2022

Welcome to our new staff members:

Student assistant, EEG: Arthur Diness (Medicine & Technology).

Master's students Ahmad Al-Baka and Sandra N. Madsen (both Pharmaceutical Sciences); Joanna Wilkosz (Neuroscience) and Emilie Mauritzon (Medicine).

   Arthur                                       Emilie                                                Joanna

Two ECNP Excellence Awards to NRU

Congratulations to Vibeke Dam and Kristian Larsen for each being awarded with the ECNP Excellence Award.

Vibeke's award is based on her abstract "Predicting antidepressant treatment outcome in major depressive disorder using multi-domain data: A NeuroPharm study", while Kristian's award is based on his abstract 'Acute psilocybin and ketanserin effects on cerebral blood flow: 5-HT2AR neuromodulatory effects in healthy humans'.

Each award consists of a 100 EUR grant and a certificate as well as a 400 EUR travel grant for the ECNP 2022 Congress in Vienna, Austria, which will take place Oct 15-18.