Scholarstipend from DSfN

Congratulations to prof. Jens D. Mikkelsen for receiving 140.000 DKK from Danish Society for Neuroscience (DSfN) in a scholarstipend for molecular biomedicine student Clara Madsen, who will be conducting a project entitled 'Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) used as a novel biomarker of synaptogenesis in an animal model of cerebral palsy (CP)'

Funding from Lægefonden to Lene Donovan

Congratulations to Lene Donovan for receiving 45.000 DKK from Lægefonden (A.P. Møller) for the project 'Effects of psilocybin on pig brains'.

Grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation

Congratulations to NRU associate professor Louise Møller Jørgensen who has received from the Novo Nordisk Foundation a Proof of Concept Programme grant worth 952.000 DKK for the project entitled 'Neuroceutical therapy: the fMRI compatible electrical stimulator'.
Louise Møller Jørgensen

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Bias and fairness in medicine

Based on a 2.6 mio DKK DFF-Research Project 1 grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark awarded to Professor Aasa Feragen-Hauberg from DTU Compute, NRU Assistant Professor Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen will help to develop fair artificial intelligence algorithms that should be able to diagnose and predict health care treatment in an un-biased way. More details about the project is avaiable (in Danish) through either of these two links: FSS News, DTU News. An article about fairness in artificial intelligence can be found here.
Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen

NRU research in Deadline on DR2

On Dec 9th NRU PhD-student Martin Korsbak Madsen was interviewed in the DR2 program Deadline about NRU's ongoing research projects in psilocybin as well as the psychedelic drug's potential use as a new treatment against depression and Horton's head ache. Martin's interview (starts at 25:15) can be seen here.
Martin Korsbak Madsen

Best master's thesis of the year award to Søren Vinther Larsen

We are delighted to inform that Søren Vinther Larsen has received from The Medical Society of Copenhagen (DMSK) the 2019 award for the best master's thesis of the year. Søren receives the award for his master's thesis entitled '', and with the award follows a price of 15.000 DKK. Congratulations to Søren!

Vibe Frøkjær appointed as Clinical Research Associate Professor

Congratulations to NRU senior researcher Vibe G. Frøkjær who has been appointed as Clinical Research Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen with a related function as half time Senior Consultant in Psychiatry. The Associate Professorship includes full salary for a 5-year term.
Vibe G. Frøkjær

Grant from the Research Fund of the Mental Health Services - Capital Region of DK

Congratulations to NRU senior researcher Vibe G. Frøkjær for receiving a grant worth 895.000 DKK from the Research Fund of the Mental Health Services - Capital Region of Denmark for the project entitled 'Structural and functional brain signatures of sex-hormone transitions and implications for perinatal mental health'.
Vibe G. Frøkjær
The grant includes a PhD-stipend for NRU PhD-student Camilla Borgsted Larsen. The aims of the project are listed below:

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NRU Christmas Symposium 2019

The symposium will take place on Friday, December 6th. Venue: Rigshospitalet, Auditorium, Building 93, Juliane Maries Vej 20-22.
All are welcome.
For programme, click here.